No violation no hurt. The first deportation of a foreigner from the land of South Korea for overrule the self-quarantine policy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Violation of self-quarantine rule: Breaking the bond with the government (South Korea)

  • 40-year-old Indonesian man deported – The first deportation of a foreigner
  • 3 Vietnamese overrule the self-quarantine – results in departing from the land of South Korea
No violation, no hurt - Stay safe, Support government

Around the globe, social distancing, self-quarantine, curfew, and lock-down are well-known synonyms for everyone. Most of us are living in undesirable conditions. One-third of the world population is following the strict rule of lock-down strict in their respective countries.

South Korea is presently the most successful nation in curbing the spread of novel coronavirus pandemic. The wisdom they gained from the MERS attack previously and forethoughtful leadership helped to achieve success. Many countries are imbibing the strategies of South Korea to handle the existing situation efficiently by cutting-down the vigorousness of the contagion.  

Starting from April 1, 2020, the South Korean government announced the self-isolation for all international arrivals. If anybody violates the rule, they might live one year in prison or have to pay a penalty of 10 million won (approx. USD 8200).


In this scenario, three Vietnamese students violated the self-quarantine rules in Gunsan after they arrived in South Korea between March 28 – April 1, 2020. They were informed to follow the self-isolation for two-weeks strictly. However, they have not followed the self-isolation or quarantine procedures. The local health authorities have traced their presence in the nearby park without their mobile phones intending to avoid GPS tracking.

The Gunsan city government informed the same to the justice ministry and decided to deport them.

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3 Vietnamese students to be deported for violating self-quarantine rules


A 40-year-old Indonesian man violated the self-quarantine notice. As soon as he entered South Korea on April 4, 2020, he escaped from the quarantine location. The Ministry of Justice lodged the charge of violation of the Infectious Diseases Prevention and Immigration Control Act and false information on the place of residence against him. He is the first foreigner deported from the land for the violation of immigration law: COVID-19 self-isolation. 

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At present, South Korea is a safe place, which pleasantly receives the foreign nationals and takes all the precautionary actions for the individual gently from airport entry to local residence compared to other countries. Misusing such phenomenal assistance could push them to treat the aliens very harshly.

As a citizen or an alien, we must support the government at the fullest potential for providing a better place for living.