Traditional ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020

The theme of Mothers day 2020 is simply remembered the traditional care and chat magic.

Care: Taking care from morning to night and allowing to enjoy the physical rest and peaceful ambiance
Chat: 60 minutes healthy chat would increase the happiness

Mother’s Day, the most auspicious day, everyone wishes to honor and celebrate it. Every year we are observing Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This year would be unique, we can say.

The world might not have experienced such a pandemic situation recently, not at least some decades back. Most of the countries are following curfew to curb the COVID-19, and some countries are relaxing from the unpleasant lockdown or social distancing pursuals. In these circumstances, how can we plan and execute a celebration of Mother’s Day during COVID-19?

On the internet, many of us would be searching for

  • How to spend Mother’s Day 2020?
  • Mother’s Day gifts

Now let us discuss a few things. What we followed previously and how we can organize Mother’s Day 2020 to be the most special and never forgettable in our life. I am sure; no one wants to see this kind of pandemic situation again in the future. Who knows! We should be prepared for anything.

Fine, now we can enjoy this moment without worrying about the future.

Usual momentum

We all would be eager to wish our moms by putting their best photos on social media and talking hours about them.

Some of us would plan something special for our moms. Like

  • Spa visit
  • New dress
  • Picnic
  • Mother’s Day brunch /dinner with her friends or relatives

However, are all these things possible during a lockdown! Mostly not.

So, what do we do next?

Right requirement

Before planning anything, let us think for a few minutes, notably, in this lockdown season.

  • What do our moms need all time?
  • What they are yearning to attain so long?

The answer would definitely be specific to each mother, and there might be a long list for a few moms. However, one thing on the list is sure – physical rest and a peaceful mind.

Actual rest

Every mom would be happy, resting on the couch with her legs on the table, watching favorite movies, or shows with a bucket of snacks.

Obviously, this could be possible only if there is no commitment for the upcoming lunch, teatime, or dinner. However, the truth is, there will not be any such time.

In fact, in most of the typical families, moms spend their whole time satisfying the daily needs of their husbands and children like the preparation of food, arrangement their things meeting their requests, and so on. Later, planning for the evening session and dinner. This is a never-ending loop. It is very well registered in our deep mind that our lovely mom needs timely rest and relaxing moments. Even then, without giving her the real intuitive surprise she wants, we try to comfort her with memories, love quotes, outing, etc.

Overload – Mother & COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 has literally overladen and clogged physicians, researchers, social workers, and self-volunteers. We can remember them very quickly. However, it is a hard nutshell to commemorate “Mom”. She is working tirelessly every day without any kind of local or national holidays.

From day #1 of lockdown, our moms are working overtime to make us happy at home. Sometimes we may not have all the necessary things to meet the family food needs. Even in the shortage, she finds the novel ways to manage the requests and unspoken wishes with her magic wand of love.

Queen of the family

Birthdays are incredibly special, even on that very day, she prepares sweets for nourishing the family members. Of course, we (family members) take care of her with love and gifts. But her inner needs are mostly dwelled without living in the moment.

So, let us turn this very Mother’s Day to our mom’s special day by doing all her chores ourselves and treat her as a “Queen” of our family.

Make her one-day special, where she makes our 364 days enjoyable. I know many of us would be already helping her around the household tasks throughout the year, and it is very well appreciated.

Action plan

Unlike the usual routine like gifts or outing, it is the opportunity for us to enchant this day into a special one for her.

We would indeed need her help to find many of the ingredients for making one single simple breakfast item like scrambled eggs but give a try – it is worth it.

Afterall in this lockdown, we can do the following to fascinate our Moms.

  • 60×24 care
  • Lovely face-to-face chat

60×24 care

Take complete responsibility. Maybe most of the time, when mom is getting aged, there is no other way; we have to take responsibility of the home. However, this is not what we are going to do on this Mother’s Day.

From morning coffee/tea till night hot milk or chocolate, we can serve her. Just allowing our mom to enjoy the physical rest and peaceful mind without thinking about the next minute.

Lovely face-to-face chat

In this modern civilization, we are hanging up on our parents with a one-line text message or a simple hello over a phone call. Is it enough? Obviously not.

Now, we have enough time to discover our inner wishes and time to spend at home. We can make use of that wisely.

Talking with her or listening to her for 60 minutes without any downbeat chat would make her fly high in the sky. We all have experienced the love of bedtime stories. If possible, tell an incredibly good story (your beautiful, memorable experiences) to her, for example.


On this note, I would also like to mention that making only one special day for our moms is insufficient to equalize their sacrifices and contribution to our lives. It suits fine for dads as well. Giving your valuable minutes for them would surely bring you the joy and stability as talking to parents is like an exchange offer.

As a personal suggestion, I wish and request all of you who are not with your parents presently due to many reasons, make a call to your mom/dad, or both and speak for 5 minutes or at least 2 minutes how much ever busy you are. This could be followed even daily as a lockdown resolution in the coming days and years. Just a call would make their everyday blissful than making a Mother’s Day special.

Moreover, to all those people out there who do not have their parents alive to meet or chat, please meet an older person and talk to them wholeheartedly with your love pouring out as many of them are eagerly wanting someone to speak to.

Hearty Happy Mother’s Day (Mothers day 2020) wishes to all to celebrate in an auspicious way.

Please share your opinion and traditional or new ways, which would suit Mom’s interests.

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