Save money on microsoft office 365 subscription purchase

Tips to save money 75% on Microsoft office 365 purchase

Are you a lover of Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, Onedrive – 1 TB storage)?

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Want to save money? Looking for the Microsoft office 365 discount code, cheapest price, offers, deals, alternatives?

Then, here is the good news to save money on the purchase of Microsoft office 365 subscription!

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Save money on purchase of Microsoft 365
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Microsoft gives options to purchase for personal, home, or office purposes. So, how much Microsoft office 365 cost? The listed below is the Microsoft office 365 price plans for personal and home subscriptions.

Plan 1: Microsoft Office 365 Home (Family)
[USD 99.99/INR 5,299 for 6 users/1 year]

Plan 2: Microsoft Office 365 Personal
[USD 69.99/INR 4,199 for 1 user/1 year]

Plan 3: Office Home & Student 2019
[USD 149.99/INR 7,799 for 1 user]

If you wish to enjoy the privilege with less price, please follow the tips before Microsoft 365 purchase.

You can buy the Microsoft office 365 Home (Family) license and share it with six users. Microsoft assures each user privacy. Also, there is no mandatory rule that users must be family members. You can include anyone in a group of 6 users.

If you follow this, you can enjoy Microsoft 365 price at USD 16.66. This might be the Microsoft Office 365 cheapest price. The actual cost for the personal user is USD 69.99 (Microsoft 365 Personal). If you follow this tip, roughly you can save money 75% on Microsoft office 365 subscription price without compromising your privacy and confidentiality.

So, what to do now?

Find the sharing of users having similar thoughts to purchase Microsoft Office 365. Anyone in the 6-user group can be an admin to access the main license.

The admin has to activate the Microsoft Office 365 Home Family pack license with his/her email. After activation, the admin can add the other users by adding their email and ask them to activate through the email activation link.

Later, each user gets the message that “Microsoft Office 365 status is active for 1 year”. After that, there is no connection between each user. Depending upon the users, they can use the family sharing amenities; else, they can avoid it. Absolutely no issues on privacy and data management with Microsoft Office 365 message encryption and Microsoft AI-based security service.

During the expiry of the term, each user is notified with a pop-up message to activate by renewing the license.

If you have any queries, please comment below.

If you wish to purchase, then do not forget to purchase through this link. It would benefit us with the affiliate program commission.

Find the product in Amazon or Microsoft store. Although, you can find some reduction in Microsoft Office 365 billing price in the Amazon store.  

Amazon: Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download

Microsoft store: Microsoft 365

Thank you all, we hope you like this tip to save money 75% of the Microsoft Office 365 price.





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