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Science & Technology or Leadership & Co-operation – Reason for Contagion

Coronavirus wave has been rattling the world. In recent history, such a hard-hit of public health, economic and ineffable situation has not been faced. Science & Technology or Leadership & Co-operation has any solution for that. 

Day by day, the coronavirus tension is increasing enormously. Public health and economic catastrophe pushed scientists to the verge of finding new vaccines and medicines. The clinical trials have been started before a long while in China and other places. However, specific underpinned problems agitate finding the solutions to COVID-19.

In this 21st century, we are capable of sending machines to our neighboring planets. Well advanced modern science compared to history is aiming to build a solution for future problems like

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Understanding nature for wellness
  • Protection from aliens

So far, we are progressing well in the right direction to achieve the above. But is our scientific developments helping us in emergencies? Do we have a rider to drive the science for our betterment?

The novel coronavirus SARS-nCoV-2 (COVID-19) infection initiated at the mainland of China in November – December 2019. The following pandemic situation raises the alarm to rethink or rebuild our society with proper utilization.

But generally, from experience, the world formulated five steps to control the spread of the disease like lockdown, trace-down, diagnosis, treatment, and co-operation between government and public. These five steps are classified based on the role of science & technology and leadership.


Step 1: Lockdown
Step 2: Trace-down
Step 5: Getting co-operation from the public

Science & Technology

Step 3: Diagnosis
Step 4: Treatment (Drugs and Vaccination)

We will see the reason behind the spiky contagion, either science & technology or leadership & co-operation.

Science & Technology

Diagnosis and treatment are the two primary options to control the disease.

Diagnosis: Scientists and researchers ended with standard diagnosis methods of the SARS-nCOV-2 like RT-PCR, serological test, and CT-Scan.

  • RT-PCR: Identification of methodology and sequence for the disease diagnosis
  • Serological test: Identification of specific antibodies related to the infection
  • CT-Scan: Method to identify how far coronavirus affected the infected patient’s lungs

Treatment: In general, we cannot expect immediate treatment for the new coronavirus or any diseases. However, general treatments related to the symptoms are being practiced for recovery

Because finalizing the medicines or vaccines requires a lot of clinical trials and sample analysis. World Health Organization and the whole world are accelerating the clinical trial phase.

Science & technology have efficiently developed diagnostic test kits. Then how this contagion spreads rapidly?


Steps like locking-down the region, tracing-down the infected, and maintaining the relationship with citizens could effectively control the spreading of infection. Along with these, science & technology formulated the diagnostic kits to identify the infected cases. We must appreciate China and South Korea for the rapid decision to develop diagnostic test kits and medicines. Both China and South Korea effectively reduced the spreading using the above-said methods. Notably, South Korea utilized the previous experience positively through diagnostic kits and digital platforms to overcome the critical situation very quickly.

After China and South Korea, SARS-nCoV-2 reached the rest of the world. Now almost 199 countries are suffering by coronavirus infection. The countries like United States of America, Italy, Spain are being affected severely. Why does it happen? Even the picture of China and South Korea does not pose any strategies to implement? The answer lies in how quickly the world leaders reacted to the situation and how their forethoughts were?

For example, there is a significant gap in the deployment of diagnostic test kits in developed countries like the USA, Germany, Italy. They didn’t implement the lockdown procedures or social distancing principles to prevent the nation from the infections. Immediate medical response and low testing rate per capita express both the pitfall of political leaders and failure to take bold decisions. Even though with the available key from science & technology, the absence of leadership resulted in a considerable impact.

“In the Coronavirus crisis, our leaders are failing us” – Gordon Brown, UK Prime minister 2007-2010

Gordon Brown listed out the following leadership failures for this massive impact in The Guardian.

– Countries individually battling against the disease
– The global problem needs global attention
– No internationally coordinated medical project
– China’s delay in reporting to the international community
– Misunderstanding of the World Health Organization about the seriousness to declare an international emergency
– Lack of learning from hard-earned lessons from SARS epidemic or Ebola epidemic and associated financial meltdown
– Fighting against pandemic with under-resourced international institutions

Bottom Line

The impact of the virus spreading profoundly affects everything from day-to-day activities to future economic crises.

The entire world is in financial and medical shock.

“Coronavirus will not be the last, nor the worst, pandemic” – Gordon Brown, UK prime minister 2007-2010

We need an action plan like the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. Instead of investing money in lethal weapons to destroy, countries should invest in the healthcare field to save lives.

Leaders must be wise enough to save citizens. Citizens should be thoughtful enough to select leaders.

Most importantly, we all need to work together, co-operate with each other to defeat this pandemic situation. Because whatever steps taken by scientists and leaders without the public co-operation, it will not succeed.

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