SMART goals

Give life to your goals

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We walked 150 days this year, 2020. Most of the successful people have followed their determination by giving life to it at every sunrise. Are you looking for such magic in your life? Let us crack it.

New year resolution

The new beginning of the year always cheers us and gives new confidence for the fresh beginning. As the year begins, most of us have our resolution lists.

Have we ever checked the previous year list? Surprisingly, the new list repeats most of the things which we wrote in the last year’s list too. Often so, why those resolutions did not get life in the last year itself? Why are such resolutions regaining seats in the new year? Is it common for all?

As the first half of 2020 is going to end, we have the remaining half a year to seal everything.

Let’s start from the most common resolution list:

  • Getting up early in the morning
  • Exercising daily for 15 minutes
  • Reducing the time for social media usage

Very few can successfully turn their resolutions into achievements or daily habits. Among the numerous reasons, consistency and urge for sustained improvement are the keys to the victory.

Role models

World-renowned policymakers, business magnets, successful bureaucrats, or famous people (celebrities) have common traits, be it Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, or Robert Downey Jr. They became role models because of their desire to rise the sooner they fall. It is this constant inherent push we all need to move forward.

Take control over your mind

We have had many excuses in our subconscious mind. It is the easiest one, excuse ourselves. Getting up early in the morning or starting the thought of fulfilling a deed are excellent examples to visualize this scenario.

It is a fact that our brain supports our tantrums/excuses more than motivating us to bring about a change in our daily routine. This is where we need to control our minds instead of being its labour obeying its orders and distractions.


It is important to take forward our resolutions or new habits with essential momentum. In other words, it must be like “slowly hurry up.” Gradual time always will help us to accommodate and cope up with the changes, and the rush will anchor the new habits to our schedule firmly.

Crystal clear mind

“Before we make resolutions, we must be clear and have foresight or vision.”

This mantra will help us to accomplish our tasks; thereby we can attain satisfaction and perfection in any work we do. This way, we can achieve our desires quickly without stress and struggles. The crystal clear mind on certain things can be obtained from the planning & execution.

Planning & Execution

Some people might say that “my goals are beyond your understanding”. But, every goal in life needs a plan. Planning well is the first step of any process, which confirms the successful outcome once the execution is over. So, efficient planning does half of the work.

How do a plan effectively?

There are few things to consider to plan a task and for fruitful execution of it promptly.

  1. Find & Fix
  2. Partitions & Payoffs
  3. Review & Revise
  4. Checkpoints & Critics

Find & Fix (SMART goals)

First, we need to find and fix the right goal. Sometimes we may confuse with the short time or long time goals, also possible to choose the undoable goals. So think well before starting. 

Goal setting examples might be doable things like getting up early in the morning or following some habits. Some goals like reaching mars are also doable, but it needs long time perseverance and execution. Goal definition might vary according to our aim and journey of life. 

Once you select a goal in life, it must be achieved. First, convince ourselves that it is really our goal and why we need to fulfill this goal. Also, we need to confirm that we are passionate about the final result. Because without a clear picture, proceeding further will be futile. 

“Simply writing down our goal makes 42% of possibility of achieving it” – Dr. Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California.

For success, we need a successful formula.



Making our goal in life with the above SMART formula will help us to confirm that we are on the right path, which itself motivates us to move forward.

Partitions & Payoffs

Once the goal is fixed, we need to slice it down to simple tasks to taste the success in small amounts. This, in turn, will boost our confidence and positivity to proceed forward even if the final goal is huge. Of course, fixing deadlines and sticking to them strictly will make us efficient and reduce wasting time.

Make sure for every partition with certain rewards to motivate and avoid the chance of giving up.

“Appreciation always helps to improve.”

For example, we can fix the reward of $10 for saving every $100 from our daily expenses. According to our determination, we may save as soon as possible. However, if we plan to save $5 per day, then in three weeks, we can enjoy the reward of $10. Ultimately, we have $90 in our pocket. The likelihood of spending $10 is very less once we reach $100.

Repeating the same task without a break or reward will definitely exhaust us. Also, partitioning our tasks and rewarding ourselves will provide a sense of relief that we are moving forward without any lack of happiness.

Review & Revise

Our growth towards our real success is mainly based on our satisfaction and fulfillment. We need to review our progress periodically. Tracking down all our activities during every small achievement will help to expand our knowledge and learn more about our goal. Accordingly, we must modify our path.

Checkpoints & Critics

Along with the deadlines, reviews, and rewarding ourselves, we need constructive criticism from people whom we trust to improve and refine our abilities.

Friends, family members, or professionally assisting personnel could periodically review our achievements and progress. They might ruthlessly question our progress and fix checkpoints to prevent the decline in the progress and procrastination of tasks.

Obviously, the people should not break our confidence, that is why we need to assign people whom we trust for this step.


Accomplishing our aims and goals is very much possible when self-analysis and immediate interventions are the keys to refine ourselves continuously, both physically and mentally. The ultimate understanding each of us needs is that we do not need a new year’s eve to improve our health or productivity. The resolution list is a small way to reach our goals, which we can initiate at any time of a year.

Once you achieve the goal in life, try to share with others who need them the most.

“Sharing knowledge is the best action in the world.”

Make use of digital amenities

We can make use of digital software tools like goal tracker apps, Evernote, OneNote, Mind maps to plan and record our goals, and the partition them into simple tasks. Also, we can note the progress and save the feedback from the people who continuously review our growth.