Line of actual control - India-China - Galwan Valley violence

Galwan Valley Violence in the India-China border: Each country blaming the other

Line of actual control - India-China - Galwan Valley violence

The Chinese statement accused Indians, whereas Indians reported a Chinese illegal move for the Galwan Valley Violence.

However, both countries are suffering from casualties during the face-off. India reported that 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, but the Chinese government not yet declared any official causalities. The U.S. intelligence report stated that China suffered 35 casualties

India, violating the consensus reached by the two countries by crossing the border twice and provocatively and attacking Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical clashes between the two forces.” – Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry

On the evening of June 15, 2020, a violent confrontation was led to by Chinese soldiers trying to unilaterally change the original line of control” Srivastava, Indian Government Spokesman

Consequences of India-China border dispute

Everyone salutes the martyrdom of soldiers, but in the end, family members suffer to the core. India states that they want peace, however, china opposed India’s statement.

“India firmly believes in the need to maintain peace and quiet along the border and the need to resolve differences through dialogue. At the same time, we will resolutely safeguard India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” – Srivastava, Indian Government Spokesman

“India not to take unilateral action to provoke trouble” – Zhao, Chinese Foreign Ministry

Although, each country defends itself in the geopolitical game to protect its citizens and develop the resources. However, such border disputes agitate the peace and happiness of the peoples through the loss of their family members.

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