Artificial intelligence, AI for success. Fusion of AI with cultural forms in South Korea

Fusion of AI with cultural forms of South Korea

Artificial intelligence, AI for success. Fusion of AI with cultural forms in South Korea

Korean digital cultural media

Well, most of us have come across the popularity of Korean entertainment. Starting from KPOPs to daily soaps, we might have liked and followed them. Especially the youngsters.

Recently, in 2019, the comedy thriller movie “Parasite” won the Oscar prize for several categories. Internet and smartphones provide accessibility for everyone to explore more. Our young generation exhibits a huge craze in Korean entertainment news and productions.

The production companies realized the universal demand for Korea’s Cultural Productions. Similarly, they have identified the required needs in the market to improve as well. Now, the production firms focus to reach more end-users in the coming days.

A fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with cultural forms

South Korea is one of the countries that successfully implemented 5G telecommunications for public services. Based on the 5G platform, they have many plans in networking, healthcare, etc.

The recent announcement by SK Telecom on May 29, 2020, says, “Plan to develop an AI-based post-production platform to help the local firms to export cultural products abroad”.

The memorandum of understanding between the leading network provider in South Korea “SK Telecom” and local post-production firm “New ID” aim to develop the new platform to reduce the time and cost by automatizing the postproduction process.  

Significance of fusion

Integration of SK Telecom’s AI in the post-production service can enhance the following features to ensure global viewer satisfaction along with enjoying the content with others.

  1. Automatically detect images, audio files, and subtitles
  2. Automatically control the violated content delivery

The automated AI-based post-production platform will solve the above-mentioned issues before exporting to the nations.


The growth of corporate in South Korea is for the well-being of Korean nationals.