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Step into the world of bright new designs & colors to invoke the creativity of your kids, entertaining kids indoor play and family members through Microsoft 365 (earlier Office 365).

Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is a popular product for writing a text document, developing worksheets, or presenting slides and more productivity apps. Of course, there are many adventure activities to explore and cultivate our talents.

Productive usage of leisure time is one of the most significant challenges. Reading books, browsing & learning, exploring adventurous activities, playing outdoor games /indoor activities, engaging in our hobbies, fulfilling our long-time desires are the most prominent effort we could affirm the quality time.

We already would be using the standard templates provided by Microsoft Office 365 and such similar software or digital apps to accomplish our daily work and needs. However, recently, Microsoft has introduced new templates for much more customized activities with better features and options.

Microsoft 365 has opened new doors for fun and exhilarating activities to make ourselves useful and engaging. A long list of templates is introduced to trigger creativity and nourish the general knowledge of the users. These templates are deployed in the user-friendly conventional Microsoft (MS) office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Also, the templates could be customized according to our wishes and needs. Most of the templates are designed keeping kids and teens in mind. However, they offer some career-oriented designs as well for adults and aspiring youngsters for planned growth and success. We list out a few of the templates for kids indoor activities and empowering kids knowledge. It may not be limited to the age of the users who can enjoy indoor activities for adults.


  1. Drawing, Coloring, and Painting
  2. Word Games
  3. Storyboard and Fill-in Stories
  4. Creativity based Templates
  5. Goal-Oriented Templates

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Drawing, Coloring, and Painting

Painting and coloring have substantial health benefits on us, such as improving memory, creativity, communicative and problem-solving skills, relieving stress, building positivity, and developing emotional intelligence and observing skills. For children, drawing and coloring sessions are practiced in their playschools and primary classes to develop their motor skills and expose them to this beautiful world through colorful pictures and shapes.

In this new up-gradation of Microsoft Office 365, there are more than 15 MS PowerPoint and MS Word templates altogether for drawing pictures, coloring and painting games based options. Starting from animals, shapes, flowers, etc. they are arranged to learn the colors and names of different objects for kids.

However, abstract painting and easy drawing methods using numbers would be fun for every person irrespective of age as it drives our curiosity. Employing various modes of painting like ink, spray, fill, and so on also brings in new choices of learning and upgrading.

Although the significant focus is on kids indoor activities and teens – who does not like colors and drawing? So, it is time for all us to draw a tilted ship or a blue river across the green fields for fun and refreshment or maybe remembrance of our childhood.

Select your dream art from the listed coloring templates

Word Games

Enriched vocabulary is essential for our personal and career growth these days. A shortage of words might affect our self-confidence leading to embarrassing situations. Improving vocabulary skills could be of great help to our kids knowledge in the future as we live in a highly competitive world. Enriching cognitive skills and building concentration are some of the significant pros of playing word games.

Word games and crosswords can quickly drive the kids activities and even the adults to learn new words or revive the already known ones. It could widen the kids knowledge easily. Moreover, if the words hidden in the game are of different subjects, then it would be relieving the boredom quickly.

MS Office 365 has come up with more than 10 templates for word games over various subjects like outer space, geography, gardening, cars, sea creatures, fantasy, etc. These productive and attractive templates would be a great choice to channel your free time and illuminating our kids’ minds with new words and objects.

Select your own word game templates from the collections. 

Storyboard and Fill-in Stories

Stories are an excellent way to enlighten any kid’s mind with moral values and stimulate his/her imaginary world. Any lesson of life or subject could be easily transferred and remembered in the form of a story. Teachers following this kind of teaching method will be everyone’s favorite. Some stories travel along with us through our life-time.

Fill-in stories, hint based story developing have been a mandatory question for primary school language assessments. So, why not enjoying our quality time with kids could be done along with training them? There are many options for learning stories with additional features like horizontal storyboard based on images and fill-in spaces to inculcate language skills, vocabulary improvement, and stimulation of curiosity in kids. In specific, there are few templates to educate the children with proper grammar usage through fill-in stories with clues as to where to add a verb, adverb, etc. The kids can open the door of their imaginations to create such beautiful stories using icons, clues, and images and enjoying the kids indoor play.

Select your imaginative storytelling related templates from the best-designed templates.

Creativity based Templates

At any point of time, many of us revive back to our hobbies like writing, acting, film-direction, etc. Our inborn talents towards such activities remain unfulfilled just because we did not give it a try sometimes. Each kid must be given chances to get exposure to his/her inner capabilities and wishes to look at the world. Some people express themselves through words, while some others take advantage of color strokes to reveal their thoughts. In these new templates of Microsoft 365, there are options to create comic characters and customize them, preparing screenplays, designing bookmarks, etc. Besides, options for making a photo album with customized designs like a green leaf and comic strips are also provided to engage the kids activities and make something useful, which they can save as their childhood memories and treasures.

3D models and comic book layouts are other options to get involved in creating exciting content along with your kids and cherish the best times of their childhood experiencing the real taste of togetherness. Besides, we can also make the dull routine of lockdown times thrilling by creating movie posters and video game trackers to which the kids could be easily attracted, forgetting their boredom and urge to step out of the home.

Look at this creatively designed templates

Goal-Oriented Templates

MS Office 365 has also developed a few templates for planning and setting goals for career-oriented people and aspiring youngsters to design their group project ideas, which could be worked on simultaneously by different users from different locations. 

MS PowerPoint and MS Word have organized these templates to benefit the adults to track their work progress and set their goals according to their plans and needs. These templates could also be customized to inspire ourselves to achieve our goals or help our friends or family members to accomplish their goals. Sudoku is another way to bring our focus at a point by triggering our brain and memory with a sense of fulfillment once we completed the puzzle. We could engage our kids in solving the sudoku puzzle with different levels of difficulties like beginner, intermediate, and expert based on their response and curiosity. 

Select your own goal-oriented templates


Education and professional careers are very competitive these days, and we need to make our kids ready for winning in all situations. By packing their leisure time with excited and fun-filled indoor activities, we could ensure them to be more productive without stress and depression. As leaders across the globe are trying to combat the adverse circumstances through the planning and execution of necessary steps.

Microsoft Office 365 is helping to synchronize our valuable time with beneficial kids indoor activities for the learning and progress and ourselves through these new templates. You can further read and know about the options related to these templates and purchase Microsoft Office 365 and create more with Microsoft templates.





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