Bubonic Plague in China, 2020

Bubonic plague in the city of Bayan Nur of North China - Epidemic warning till the end of 2020

The recently identified bubonic plague case in the city of Bayan Nur of North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has pushed the local authorities to declare Level III early warning till the end of 2020.

Bubonic plague and its common details

Plague is a severe disease with the mark of the widespread pandemic with a high mortality rate. Certainly, bubonic plague is remembered as Black Death or Pestilence or Great Mortality.

Bubonic plague is caused by the bite of the infected flea by the bubonic plague bacteria ‘Yersinia Pestis. It is transmitted between animals and fleas could transfer to humans. 

The bubonic plague could transmit to humans via the following ways as stated by WHO:

  • The bites of infected vector fleas
  • Unprotected contact with infectious bodily fluids or contaminated materials
  • The inhalation of respiratory droplets/small particles from a patient with pneumonic plague.

It is highly transmissible with a high fatality rate if we did not properly treat within 18-24 hrs.

If diagnosed early, the plague can be cured with antibiotics and supportive care. – WHO

Treatment for bubonic plague

Antibiotics and other supportive drugs can be the treatment for bubonic plague. Especially, modern antibiotics for enterobacteria can cure the bubonic plague if we properly addressed it.

Bubonic plague in China (The Bayan Nur, North China) and the preventive steps

After confirming a case infected by the bubonic plague (Sunday, July 5, 2020) from Bayan Nur Health Authorities, the local authorities flagged an epidemic alert and took preventive measures as follows:

  1. Isolation of the infected patient.
  2. Announcements to the local residents to strictly follow the prevention and control measures like not hunting illegally, eating or carrying animals, and their products out of the area.
  3. Surveillance alert to report if anybody having bubonic plague symptoms such as signs of illness (high fever), head and body aches, weakness, vomiting, nausea or sudden death, and any dead animals in the nearby region.

It’s a Class A infectious disease, the highest classification under China’s Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases.

The availability of modern medicines for this known plague is effective to control the bubonic plague spread. However, early diagnosis and treatment of bubonic plague are essential to avoid fatality. Without the cooperation of public and health officials, it could not be possible to eradicate.

Follow the instructions! 

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