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Alternative Indian apps for the banned apps in India – 59 digital apps banned in India

Alternative Indian apps for the banned chinese apps

Ban or blocking digital products is very easy in the modern world. Since the total control of internet activities is by the demographic agreement, any government can imply a ban. During this situation, what are the alternatives?

Obviously, we are admirably adapted to certain mobile applications for specific tasks. Mostly we may practice our day to day activities using such apps. 

India bans Chinese apps on 29 June 2020. A sudden blocking or ban will create an emptiness leading to psychological stress due to the unavailability of our favorite apps.

For everything, we have a fallback solution.

The list of 59 digital apps banned in India due to security concerns. Here, we can classify the banned apps in India as stated by the Ministry of Electronics & IT on 29 June 2020 and an alternative app to that. 

Table of contents:

Utility apps: Video call & Communication apps of India
Entertainment & Communication apps of India
Utility apps: File Sharing Apps of India
Utility apps: News Apps of India
Utility apps: Browsing Apps of India
Utility apps: Photo Editing Apps of India
Utility apps: Video Editing Apps of India
System Maintenance & Security Apps of India
Map App of India
Music App of India
Shopping Apps of India

Here is the list of banned apps in India and the best alternative indigenous Indian apps for banned apps.

 Banned apps in India Alternative for the banned apps in India
 Utility apps: Video call & Communication apps
 1.   Wechat
 2.   We Meet
 3.   Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
 Other apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Hangout, Skype)       
 Entertainment & communication apps
 4.   TikTok
 5.   Helo   6.   Mi:Community   7.   Kwai   8.   Likee   9.   Bigo Live  10. Vigo Video  11. New Video Status  12. Weibo   13. V fly Status Video  14. U Video
 Yoo India : Indian Short Video App & Video Editor
 Indian Messenger– Indian Chat App & Social network
 India Tok –Share Videos, Status Downloader, Shayari  Mitron
 Utility apps: Alternative Indian App – File Sharing Apps
 15. Xender
 16. Shareit  17. ES File Explorer
 SHAREall – Share Files & Send Anywhere
 Utility apps: Alternative Indian App – News App
 18. Newsdog
 19. UC News  20. QQ Newsfeed  21. QQ International
 Hike News
 Utility apps: Alternative Functional Apps
 22. Baidu Translate  Google translate
 Microsoft translate
 Utility apps: Alternative Indian Apps – Browsing Apps 
 23. UC Browser
 24. CM Browsers
 25. APUS Browser
 26. DU Browser
 Indian Browser
 JioBrowser – Fast & Secure Indian Web Browser
 Utility apps: Photo editing
 27. YouCam Makeup
 28. Beutry Plus
 29. SelfieCity
 30. Wonder Camera
 31. Photo Wonder
 32. Meitu  33. Sweet Selfie
 Utility apps: Alternative Indian Apps – Video Editing Apps
 34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc
 35. Vmate
 Yoo India: Indian Short Video App & Video Editor
 Alternative Indian Apps – System Maintenance Apps
 36. Virus Cleaner
 37. DU Cleaner  38. Cache Cleaner DU App studio  39. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile  40. QQ Security Center  41. DU Privacy  42. DU battery saver
 Quick Heal
 System Performance
 43. QQ Launcher –
 Alternative Indian App – Map (Navigation) Apps
 44. Baidu map MapmyIndia
 Alternative Indian App – Music Apps
 45. QQ Music
 46. QQ Player  47. WeSync
 Max HD Indian Video Player & Indian Audio Player
 Gaming apps
 48. Clash of Kings
 49. Mobile Legends
 50. Hago Play With New Friends
 Utility apps: Tools – Alternative of Camscanner app
 51. CamScanner Office lens
 Utility apps: Additional Space
 52. Parallel Space –
 Utility apps: Email Apps
 53. QQ Mail
 54. Mail Master
 Utility apps: Recorder Apps
 55. DU Recorder –
 Utility apps: Alternative Indian Security Apps
 56. Vault-Hide  Quick Heal
 Other famous alternative apps to secure your files are
 – Kaspersky
  – Norton
 – Avast
 Alternative Indian Shopping Apps
 57. Club Factory
 58. ROMWE
 59. Shein
 Flipkart  Shopclues

Utility apps: Video Call & Communication Apps of India

WeChat, We Meet, Mi Video Call – Xiaomi is the utility apps for making video calls and other communications.

As an alternative to those video call & communication apps, the indigenous Indian app “Hike”, has similar features, and we can try it.

Moreover, Hike has many features like we can make the secret chat or call (highly secured), stickers chat, and many more.

“HikeLand ???? is a virtual world, where you can hang out with your favorite person or make new friends”

The Indian software “Hike” is installed by 10,000,000+ times and is so popular.

Other than Hike, so many popular apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Hangout, Skype can be used.

Entertainment & Communication Apps of India

TikTok, Helo, Mi:Community, Kwai, Likee, Bigo Live, Vigo Video, New Video Status, Weibo, V fly Status Video, and U Video are the apps used for making video status and video-based communications.

Alternative to the above video developing apps, Indian software developing companies like Yoo App and Loopy Time have come up with “Yoo India : Indian Short Video App & Video Editor”, “India Tok –Share Videos ,Status Downloader, Shayari” and “Indian Messenger- Indian Chat App & Social network” apps, which have optimized platform for the best video sharing applications.

The Indian software developers Ashish Nautiyal, and Bahadursinh Jadeja dreamed about their app “Yoo app” to reach all Indians.

“We are waiting for the day when every Indian have Yoo app in their phone – Bahadursinh Jadeja, Founder, Yoo App

“We need to make this app one of the best of India. Slowly will try to achieve that – Ashish Nautiyal, CTO, Yoo App

Interestingly, similar to Tik Tok, ZetrixWeb developed an indigenous app that mimics the same function and named “Indian Tok”. Definitely, Indian Tok is the best alternative for the Tik Tok fans.

Yoo India - Yoo App - India's first short video sharing app


Helo app – alternative Indian apps Yoo India
Indian Tok
Mitron India       

Alternative to TikTok

Yoo India and Indian Tok will give a similar feeling of using TikTok. However, Mitron India and Mitron acknowledged by many Indians, that these two Mitron apps are similar to Tik Tok.

Alternative Indian Apps similar to TikTok is available for the Indians. However, many apps similar to the name Mitron. So please pay attention to finding the correct one. The above listed Mitron India and Mitron developed by Indian software developers Mitron.tv and Mimic.ly, respectively, for a short video editor and sharing in the social media platform. 

Other than these, Instagram, Hike, Facebook story, and WhatsApp status are available to engage us with our dears.


Tiktok alternative Indian apps Yoo India
Indian Tok
Mitron India       

Utility apps: File sharing Apps of India

Xender, Shareit, and ES File Explorer are the apps famously used for sharing the files.

The Indian Software developers “Quantum4u – Ultimate App Developers” is a leading mobile app & web development company has popular utility apps such as Automatic Call Recorder, SHAREall – Share Files & Send Anywhere, Update Software Latest, Super Cleaner – Junk Clean, Android Booster Master.

The app “SHAREall – Share Files & Send Anywhere” is for sharing files, Movies, Video, Apps, Pictures to other android phones even in the offline without limitations. Also, you can send & receive any files-anywhere anytime. “SHAREall” is advantageous as no flash drives, external hard drive, USB Cable or internet are required to share digital files in seconds.

Shareall - Share files & send anywhere - Indian app alternative for shareit - Chinese banned app


Shareit alternative Indian appSHAREall – Share Files & Send Anywhere

Utility apps: News Apps of India

Newsdog, UC News, QQ Newsfeed, and QQ International are the apps that constructively delivered news feeds.

For delivering the news feeds quickly and effectively, the Indian software developers have brought highly attractive and better content delivery news apps like Hike news, Inshort, Way2News, Daily Hunt.

Utility apps: Browsing Apps of India

Browsing is considered as one of the predominant services. The UC Browser, CM Browsers, APUS Browser, and DU Browser are banned in India.

We are very familiar with Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and DuckDuckGo browsers. But, the Indian Browser and JioBrowser – Fast & Secure Indian Web Browser are specifically designed for every Indian citizen to offer the best service. These browsers are developed keeping the Indian users in mind. Hence, many features are in-built with browsers.

Indian browser & Jio Browser - Alternative Indian browsing app for chinese apps
UC Browser alternative Indian app Indian Browser
 JioBrowser – Fast & Secure Indian Web Browser

Utility apps: Photo Editing Apps of India

There are several photo editing apps like YouCam Makeup, Beauty Plus, SelfieCity, Wonder Camera, Photo Wonder, Meitu, and Sweet Selfie, which are presently banned in India.

The photo editing apps of India to replace the above-mentioned photo editing apps are very few to compete the race. However, some apps like Hike can perform well to some extent to compete with these apps.

This opportunity must help many Indian software developers to focus and deliver many photo editing apps. Apart from this, Instagram Editor might help to work on it.

Utility apps: Video Editing Apps of India

Viva Video – QU Video Inc and Vmate are the banned apps in India. These apps are used for video editing applications.

As discussed already in Utility apps: Video Call & Communication Apps of India, Yoo India: Indian Short Video App & Video Editor delivers better performances for all kinds of video editing applications.

System Maintenance & Security Apps of India

There are many system maintenance apps such as Virus Cleaner, DU Cleaner, Cache Cleaner DU App studio, Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile, QQ Security Center, DU Privacy, and DU battery saver that are banned in India.

The Indian software developers started Anti-Virus software development in 1995 and evolved as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with 26 years of experience delivering a Quick Heal total security for android and windows.

Super Cleaner – Junk Clean, Android Booster Master from Indian software developer Quantum4u – Ultimate App Developers delivers the best performance in the android for the system maintenance alone.

Apart from that, Kaspersky, Norton, and Avast perform the desired task of cleaning systems.

Map (Navigation) App of India

Baidu map is the banned app in India.

MapmyIndia founded in 1995 has created the India map as a truly “Made in India” company. They have 22 years of technological innovations in mapping technologies. The maps are professionally curated and continuously updated. Move app enables the Internet of Things’ platforms and mobile applications for the best navigations in the online and offline networks. 

“Professionally mapped Indian terrain with attribute rich road network with advanced information like multiple names, road classification one-ways, turn restrictions, divider, service lanes, roundabouts, flyovers, tolls, slip roads, ramps and much more.” –MapmyIndia

It has the following benefits:

  1. Move faster with real-time updates
  2. Explore nearby places with ease
  3. More experience on Move App
MapmyIndia - Indian software developer - Indian app for navigation and map

Music App of India

QQ Music, QQ Player, and WeSync are the music player apps banned in India.

Max HD Indian Video Player & Indian Audio Player is the best alternative for the banned music apps in India. It is a free multimedia player that smoothly plays all the video and audio formats.

Shopping Apps of India

Club Factory, ROMWE, and Shein are the online shopping apps in India managed by other countries.

However, India has the best online shopping stores for all products from digital goods to perishable goods. Here are the best online shops for mostly all the products in India. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Homeshop18.

Outline – Support Your Local

Generally, countries invest huge money to develop indigenous digital apps to deliver the best service for the local people. Since other nationals may not understand the local deeply than the rooted one. So, it is a move by the Indian government toward security and other reasons. The citizens of India can use the alternate above-mentioned Indian software to support our nationals.

Note: We have given few Indian apps only, check out play store for many apps.

This article is not to create any paradox between the countries and not to hurt any individuals.

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