BTS band - K-POP - largest paid online concert - Bang Bang Con- June 14, 2020

A new way for online shows, performances, and games – BTS is the first largest paid online concert

Key points:

  • BTS “Bang Bang Con” recorded a highest-paid online concert in the world
  • Set a platform and showed new possibilities for concerts, shows, games through online performances

Post-ponding or canceling the conferences, events, games, shows, and stage concerts are becoming the so-common news after the pandemic coronavirus spread. The administrative meetings and scientific discussions have been conducted through video conferencing, web conferencing, or webinars via cloud-based communications technologies like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

However, BTS (K-pop) “Bang Bang Con” has hit the largest paid online concert show. Let’s see in detail.

K-pop: BTS

BTS is one of the most famous and successful musical bands in the Korean pop industry. The performances of BTS earned many fans around the world. The fans of Korean Boy Band BTS are called as “BTS Army.”

Bang Bang Con: The Live

The pandemic coronavirus spread locked the BTS band from performing at the universal physical platforms. The BTS army was very depressed by the missing performances of BTS boys. Even the BTS boys missed the stage performances and fans’ happiness.

The BTS management company ‘Big Hit Entertainment’ decided to overcome this barrier and sturdy situation. Big Hit Entertainment signed an agreement with Kiswe Mobile, a video technology startup for live media solutions to deliver online streaming concert.

The Big Hit and Kiswe arranged five rooms and two stages to create a feeling of familiarity and to give freedom for the performers. The multi-view and close-up view-based streaming systems were prepared for the best streaming of the concert.

Finally, with all the preplanned arrangements, the BTS- Bang Bang Con-concert took place on June 14, 2020.

Largest paid online concert

The “Bang Bang Con: The Live” concert has hit the biggest audience of 756,000 concurrent viewers from 107 countries. The paid concert covered vastly across the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and South Korea.

The 100-minute live performances gained 10,000 additional members for BTS Army. The BTS stage performances were covered and successfully projected in the online presentations through six multi-view screens with the ability to watch detailed choreography.

The online presentation helped the viewers to enjoy the BTS performance after a long gap in the pandemic period.

Difference between offline and online stage shows

The primary difference between offline shows at the stadium and online presentations is the absence of direct communication between fans (viewers) and the artists.

However, cheering up or appreciation is essential for any actions in the world to promote the act to a high level.

“Though we may not be able to see each other at this time, we’ve constantly been striving to grow as a group. We are coping up with it pretty well, so hope that you too can overcome this time by finding the small joy within. Hope we can meet each other again with smiles on our faces.” – Jim, Band member [Translated]

I want to see Army with my own eyes” – Band member [Translated]

A platform for future events

The successful hit of the largest paid concert became the best example for event managers. It delivered a positive hope for organizing the postponed or canceled events soon.

5G technology – Online streaming

Another reason behind the successful online streaming of the BTS “Bang Bang Con” concert is the well-established 5G technology in the video production process.

Recently, SK Telecom, South Korea developed a project “fusion of artificial intelligence with the video production process” for better content delivery to the world.

Following this successful paid concert, we can expect all the stage performances and games through effective online streaming.