5 Important Steps To Control The Pandemic CORONAVIRUS

Lockdown, Trace-down, diagnosis, treatment, and co-operation between government & public are the five ways to control the pandemic coronavirus.

5 important steps to control the pandemic coronavirus (Lockdown, Trace-down, diagnosis, treatment, and co-operation between government & public)

For any situation, we need an action plan and execution. Similarly, for this global pandemic, we need an effective strategy to eradicate the spiky microorganism coronavirus.

Fortunately, we had a real-time experience from China and South Korea, on taking charge of the coronavirus. Late 2019 in China, coronavirus started to spread and became a global pandemic. China has taken the hard-core effort to combat COVID19; as a result, no new cases have been registered from March 20, 2020, to March 23, 2020. Next, in South Korea, the swift action and bold decision on diagnosis aided in controlling the number of new cases.

“China has rolled out perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history,” – World Health Organization

From all these experiences and observations, we can follow five steps to cut-down the spiky microorganism attack.

  1. Lockdown
  2. Trace-down
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment
  5. Government & public co-operation

Lockdown approach

China demonstrated the active lockdown approach to control the spread of coronavirus. This well-being documentary effort of China sets an example for many nations to implement the lockdown declaration against irresistible privacy law.

Trace-down approach

In the pandemic situation, tracing down every individual and quarantine them is very mandatory to control the spread. China actively followed the two principles: first lockdown the cities and trace-down most of the individuals affected to avoid further spreading. In contrast, South Korea track-down the movement of every infected case and froze down to control the pandemic.


A quick diagnosis process is a very important step to identify infected cases from other medical cases. Diagnosis methods like RT-PCR, serological test, and CT-Scan have been in practice for the identification. In China, the massive suspect for coronavirus infection symptoms led to follow RT-PCR and CT-Scan to diagnose the cases. In South Korea, the RT-PCR test kits were widely used to test cases. However, the effective procedures followed to distinguish the infected cases eased to control the pandemic.


Still, there is no clear picture of the specific treatment for the novel coronavirus. At present everyone followed the general treatment for the cases. However, there are several combinations of drugs being tested to save their lives. World Health Organization (WHO) is keenly working on Covid19 treatment with scientists and performing clinical research to identify the right drug for the coronavirus. From the analysis of medical cases, it has been evident that the lack of immune system is more vulnerable for the fatalities. Some of the drugs have been testing in two aspects. One is to kill the novel virus, and another is to improve the immune system for self-recovery.

Hence, it is advised to improve the immune system to protect ourselves from infections. Also, it is essential to be psychologically stable to develop our immune system and stay safe.


Co-operation between the public and the government is vital. Whatever steps mentioned above, like lockdown, social distancing, track-down, diagnosis, or treatment, will not succeed without the co-operation of the public and government.

Even though China and South Korea successfully implemented the lockdown and track-down approaches with quick diagnosis, the lack of public support resulted in the new cases.

For example, the recent incident reported in South Korea on March 16, 2020, that salt-water spray in the mouth without disinfecting the nozzle resulted in an outburst of 46 cases.

Take home message

All the mentioned five steps must be cohesively executed to combat the outbreak of coronavirus.

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  1. Excellent one "lockdown, social distancing, track-down, diagnosis, or treatment, will not succeed without the co-operation of the public and government"

    This article is a Good source for understanding the control measures and strategies

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